Living BEYOND Perfection ...

Living Beyond PERFECTION

  A Woman’s Introspective Image Journey



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A Special Note from Karen Jean...

For much of my life I lived in pursuit of the perfect image, believing that through doing so I would achieve my desires. 

Then one day a universal energy shared with me that ‘my true power was not in image perfection, but in the real me -- the person, which existed beyond image perfection.” (Even though this message was all around me I never truly felt the gravity of it before that day as I looked in the mirror at my reflection!)

That ‘Aa-ha moment’ lead me down a path of personal discovery where I set out on an introspective journey to better understand ‘who I was’ as the woman beyond my ‘perfect image’. 

When I began my journey I found myself toiling with an interminable list of thoughts and exploring endless questions, rolling them all about my mind.

As such, I decided to employ my public relations skills and seek out a more ‘strategic approach’ to the challenges that I was facing.

In doing so, I developed a framework that included four key aspects, which would guide me during my personal quest to discover ‘Who I was Beyond Image Perfection’. 

This helped to set out the challenges before me, and from that day forth I worked to:

  1. 1)Understand cultural perfection and the negative affects on my image as a woman;

  2. 2)Prepare myself so I could shape who I really was beyond cultural perfection;

  3. 3)Own my image instead of adopting someone else’s image of who I should be; 

  4. 4)Engage my unique image and so I could move toward the things in life that I desired. 

As is with the nature of life, during this personal journey, many things happened — some very good, and some very bad — with each experience calling into question ‘who I was’, which kept me in a perpetual state of self-evaluation. 

To say the challenges, during this time of introspection, were great, would be an understatement.  Although I see now (in retrospect) that these challenges were, in fact, opportunities for me to earn the sweet rewards of my journey.

The book, Living Beyond Perfection, is a compilation of ideas, discoveries and exercises that I have unearthed along the way as I learned — minute by minute, hour by hour, week by week, month by month, year by year — to live beyond perfection. 

When I set out to write this book, I categorized the information into two parts, each reflecting the most valuable information that I discovered during my introspective journey towards living beyond perfection.  

The first half of the book (Part I) is filled with personal insights, along with five soulful exercises, which helped me to call forth my unique image and discover ‘who I was’ beyond the world of perfection. It addresses #1-#3 of the framework — to understand, prepare and own my image — and shares information and introspective discoveries that I used to see the ‘big picture’ of the dangers of perfection.  This knowledge helped ‘to open my eyes’ to the existence of my inner critic, and the power it had over me, etching away at my unique image over the years — little by little. 

The second half of the book (Part II) is quite different, and is presented as a practical guide to living beyond perfection.  It addresses the fourth part of the framework — engage — and I have affectionally called it ‘A Woman’s Image ABC’s’ — Appearance, Balance, Communication. 

In Part II I share personal information from my journals, which I present as 14 strategies, and 42 tactics that I used (and continue to use) to rein in my inner critic, and call forth my unique image — which you can use to guide your actions as well.  In this section, I also share with you personal details of some of the challenges (aka. painful reminders) that I faced, over the years, when my inner critic was at the helm of my thoughts and actions.  Accordingly, these intimate reflections are included in each of the three sections, which I call, ’On a Personal Note…’

Both Part I and Part II, of this book, work together to share with you the ‘complete’ picture of my journey toward living beyond perfection.   Should you too be filled with angst, anxiety and discontent in your life, I suggest that you begin with Part I of this book.  However, if you would like to take immediate ‘hands-on’ action right now, it might be best to open the book at the beginning of Part II to make some quick changes, and come back to Part I when you are ready to take the self-guided journey of living beyond perfection.

I send to you — through the pages of the book — sincere wishes for a successful journey of learning to live beyond perfection.  It’s a journey most certainly worth taking!

xo, Karen Jean



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“This book will assist you in breaking-free from the pressures of perfection,

which will call forth new opportunities that will move you in the direction

of your desires in ways you never imagined.”  -- Karen Jean xo