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Living Beyond PERFECTION

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Image perfection is as compelling, as it is elusive. It is powerful and can feed your inner critic pushing you to take actions that repress your unique image.
Living Beyond Perfection shares one woman’s introspective journey of how she successfully moved away from a life of secretly battling depression, eating disorders and anxiety towards a life of enlightenment and enchantment with her own true self—―an identity she could only recognize and love once it became unencumbered by someone else’s idea of perfection.
Through the pages of this book, you will share in deeply personal struggles that resulted from the constant pursuit of image perfection. You will also be introduced to the empowering thoughts and creative strategies that helped to call forward and grow her unique image such as the Million-Dollar Image Secret and a Woman’s Image ABCs.
This book will forever change the way you think about image perfection… and your inner critic!
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 About The Author:  KAREN JEAN


As a professional communicator, Karen Jean has provided strategic consultation and communications advice, along with her writing services, to high-level officials for many years. Her continued success is due to a passionate belief that sharing information can make life a little easier and better for others.

She uses these same successful skills to empower women by guiding them on their own personal journey of living beyond image perfection. Karen Jean lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada and cherishes time spent with friends and family, including her four-legged loved ones.


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